4 Facts About Kybella Training Every Medical Professional Should Know

Kybella, the first and only injectable therapy authorized by the FDA to address submental fullness (also known as the dreaded double chin), made its debut on the cosmetic scene not too long ago, providing an alternative to liposuction.

Since then, the procedure has been all over the news because it received the prestigious “Best of Beauty” Award from Allure Magazine and was mentioned on many television shows.

In addition, recent research indicated that 47 percent of people are worried by extra fat beneath their chin or in their neck, which further supports the urge to seek therapies to decrease the sight of a double chin.

Because of the increase in the number of patients who want treatments to get rid of their double chins, more and more doctors and nurses are signing up for Kybella training courses so that they may add this therapy to their roster of services. Before everything else, let’s discuss first what Kybella is all about. 

What is Kybella?

Kybella is undoubtedly one of the most incredible presents that advances in medical science have ever bestowed onto the vast majority of people. Kybella is famous for doing the seemingly impossible: to rid its recipients of any trace of a double chin. Because it eliminates all vestiges of fat cells in the targeted location, it provides a far more long-lasting result than many traditional techniques.

It was pretty challenging to lose chin fat in the past, even if one adhered to a rigorous workout and dietary regimen. These fats are notorious for their stubbornness. For it to be removed, you will need to go through a procedure that involves lying on the operating table of a plastic surgeon and cutting it off manually with knives. Many individuals are not at ease with addressing their double chin issues by an intrusive procedure; hence, many were thrilled when Kybella was developed.

When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Kybella’s results are said to be permanent and long-lasting for much longer than they would be otherwise. This is one of the drug’s primary selling points. As was previously mentioned, reducing the amount of fat under the chin is highly challenging by relying solely on changes in diet and activity levels.

These tenacious fat pockets can only be removed using specific techniques, such as Kybella, which is unavailable to the general public.

Kybella works by eliminating the fat cells located in the submental region, which are the primary contributors to fat accumulation throughout the body. Because there are no fat cells in the area, it is much more difficult for fats to be stored there because there is nothing to help the fats adhere to one another in the absence of fat cells.

Kybella is what destroys the fat cells, and then it is naturally eliminated from the system as waste from the body. In the following days and weeks, the region under the chin will be free of fat deposits or accumulation since the fat cells will have safely exited the body.

Meet the Patients’ Demands with Proper Kybella Training

The following are four facts regarding Kybella training that have to be known by the medical professionals:

The Customization of Kybella for your patient’s goal

During your Kybella training, you will learn the optimum submental profile, the features of submental fullness, and how to tailor this operation to the cosmetic goals of your clients. You will learn the appropriate dose and administration procedures by utilizing the EASI approach. 

This includes conducting an assessment and determining whether or not the client is a good candidate for Kybella, adhering to the pre-treatment routine, learning how to correctly apply the procedure markings and matrix, preparing syringes, and determining the appropriate amount of Kybella dosage, administering Kybella injections, and adhering to post-treatment guidelines.

The Ingredients of Kybella

The active ingredient in Kybella is known as deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid, which is also referred to as cholanoic acid, is an acid that occurs naturally in the intestinal tract of humans and plays a role in the absorption of fats from the diet. The primary component of Kybella is a synthetic version of the molecule responsible for reducing submental fullness, also known as an excess of fat below the chin.

How to safely administer Kybella

The KYBELLA treatment can only be used to ensure patient safety and optimal efficacy if the prescribed number of injections and their precise placement and administering are followed precisely.

Healthcare professionals who administer KYBELLA must have an in-depth understanding of the essential submental anatomy and related neuromuscular systems in the area being treated, as well as any changes to the anatomy that may have occurred as a result of previous cosmetic or surgical procedures.

Through the Kybella training, the medical professional would know to stay away from the area around the marginal mandibular nerve.

The needle positioning with the jaw is of utmost significance since doing so lessens the likelihood of causing damage to the marginal mandibular nerve, a motor branch of the facial nerve. An injury to the nerve can cause partial paralysis of the lip depressor muscles, which results in an asymmetrical grin.

Prepare your client for the Potential Side Effects.

Injection site issues such as scars, hair loss, open wounds, and injury and tissue cell death (necrosis) can be the adverse effect of Kybella, including nerve injury in the jaw, which can momentarily cause an irregular smile or visual muscle weakness. In clinical tests, nerve damage in the jaw healed by itself in an average of 44 days, while difficulty swallowing healed on its own in an average of 3 days. Both of these symptoms may be expected to cure on their own.

Around the treatment region, the most common adverse effects include localized edema, bruising, discomfort, numbness, redness, and areas of increased stiffness. A medical practitioner must be prepared if the clients have open sores or leakage from the treatment region and if they need medical guidance concerning the side effect because they must call their healthcare practitioner immediately.

The Neos Aesthetic Academy presents a novel approach to refining your skills in the administration of Kybella. You may discover the “secret sauce” to duplicating exceptional outcomes without going through the trial and error methods that many others in the business did more than ten years ago by taking advantage of the digital injectable learning materials. 

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